Welcome to the “new handmade”

Every single day, our highest purpose is to make The Greek Artisan the go-to place to discover some of the best handmade and small-batch products of the Greek producers.

Living in an era of extreme product industrialization, an era of “one size fits all”, we underline the need of every human being, every one of us, to own and use products that are unique, products that have been made by humans for humans.

Greece has a long tradition of hand-craftsmanship mastery, of extremely high quality of its small-batch products. And this has to do not only with the wolrd-known food products, but also with the personal care products and the design artifacts that are “made in Greece”. It is not a coincidence that the Greek olive oil, for example, is considered the top quality olive oil in the world.

But the Greek olive oil is only the part of something that can be easily observed, but not the rest of it. Because, every single day, thousands of hard working artisans in Greece produce some of the best handcrafted and small-scale products in Europe and the world.

We in The Greek Artisan are on a mission: To search thoroughly and discover these gem of products, and to make them available for sale to real humans, that value handmade products of the highest quality, like you.

Greece is a blessed land, full of jaw-dropping beaches and amazing natural and archaeological sights. But Greece is also wealthy for its great tradition of a host of dedicated, dependable, hard-working artisans, that prove again and again how valuable are for every one of us, the “real” handmade products, the products that connect us again with our true human nature.

We are a pretty small business, just like the artisans, the craftsmen and the designers that make and produce with great care all the exquisite things that we sell. And we want to stay small, to be able to personally serve every one of you, our valued customers. In this manner, your ideas and your feedback are priceless for us, and we welcome you to contact us at [email protected] and help us become better each and every day.

We are The Greek Artisan. We search tirelessly long and wide, all over Greece, to discover and bring you some of the best handcrafted, small-scale products of Greece. And the best reward we can imagine, is to put a big smile on your face, the exact moment you see, feel and taste for the first time one of our top-quality handmade products.