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  • 1938

Columba Olivia Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil in paper box

Bitter is better


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COLUMBA OLIVIA adopts the so-called athinoelia variety, which yields fine, high quality olive oil of low acidity and dark amber colour. Its flavor texture constitutes a harmonious combination of bitter and spicy, strong fruity aroma and golden green colour.Olive oil holds a leading position in the Mediterranean nutrition, found on every Greek table, the way Europeans present salt and pepper. This gift set includes the ultra premium extra virgin Olive oil Columba Olive, in a black paper gift box, as a holiday or thank you gift for clients and friends.

Made in: Greece
Made of: Ultra premium extra virgin olive oil Athinoelia variety
Weight: 700 ml bottle

Sourced from: Columba Olivia

Care & Notes

Store at room temperature.
For best care avoid direct sunlight and prolonged exposure to high temperatures in order to preserve its top quality.