Helleo Pomegranate – Red wine and pink clay soap bar

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Full of passion and love, this impulsive soap helps teenagers and adults to fall in love, reducing oiliness and acne. Its arrows are none other than pomegranate juice with the rich antioxidant and astringent properties, the anti-aging and anti-microbial red wine, the world famous Cretan dictamnus, or €œErontas€ by the Cretans, with its southing substances, as well as the erotic blend of essential oils.

Helleo are handmade soaps uses 100% organic Cretan olive oil together with pure, raw materials. They are eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable.

Made in: Handcrafted in the island of Crete
Made of: Organic olive oil, coconut oil, Dictamnus extract, pomegranate juice, red wine, pink clay, essential oils: bergamot, basil, cypress
Weight: each bar is 126 gr.

Sourced from: Helleo

Care & Notes

Store your soap in a dry place and on a draining soap dish and use it within one
year of purchase.
Happy bathing !