Mpe e goats milk bar soap by Ena Karo

Respect the bees


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Mpe e is made with goat’s milk, which is rich in vitamins and acids that repairs damaged skin tissue and removes dead skin cells, maintaining a healthy look. It is also a very moisturizing soap due to the full fat cream of goat’s milk and the combination of cocoa butter and avocado oil, great factors for minimizing irritation.
A combination of Lavender & Chamomile essential oils contributes to an fresh smelling, anti-inflammatory soap, wonderful for dry and sensitive skin, very helpful with eczema & psoriasis. At Ena karo they respect the bees while they try to find ways to minimize the useĀ of plastic, and they are fanatically against animal testing.

Made in: Handcrafted in the island of Tinos
Made of: Olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter, goat’s milk, Vitamin E., essential oils of Camomile and lavender.
Weight: each bar is 80gr.

Sourced from: Ena karo

Care & Notes

Store your soap in a dry place and on a draining soap dish and use it within one year of purchase.
Happy bathing !