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Pamako UP unique blend mountain extra virgin olive oil paper gift box 500ml

The mountain aromas


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This olive juice blend is high in polyphenols and full of mountain aromas.Harvesting is made by hand , with electric sticks while climbing throw the tree and carefully harvest every time the fruits that have a light green color, before they start to turn.
Taste the fresh and strong fruity aroma with mildly spicy elements and mildly bitter taste, that the mountains of Crete Chania generously offers and make a gift to your health by tasting one of the most phenolic EVOO’s in Greece.
Pamako is officially one of the few worldwide olive oils to have a – Certified – Health Claim on its label.

Made in: Chania island of Crete Greece
Made of: 60% Tsounati variety and 40% Koroneiki Variety ultra premium
Weight: 500ml e 16,9 fl oz bottle

Sourced from: Pamako

Care & Notes

Store at room temperature.
For best care avoid direct sunlight and prolonged exposure to high temperatures in order to preserve its top quality.