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Respect the bees


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Miss Rose is a rosy soap. Loaded with dried rose petals and full of moisturizing
ingredients such as Shea butter, Almond oil, Castor oil, Sunflower oil
Coconut oil and of course Greek Olive oil, this is the absolute soap for dry skin.
It also contains pink clay, famous for its firming and toning elements that
improve connective tissue & therefore is perfect for mature skin.
Essential oils ofnourishing Geranium, toning Orange, calming Ylang Ylang
rich Patchouli, will enhance the wonderful properties of this soap, lettinng your
skin smell more rosy than ever.
At Ena karo they respect the bees while they try to find ways to minimize the use
of plastic, and they are fanatically against animal testing.

Made in: Handcrafted In the island of Tinos.
Made of: Olive oil, Coconut oil, Castor oil, Almond oil, Shea butter, Cocoa butter
Pink clay & Vitamin E. Essential oils of Orange, Geranium & Patchouli.
Weight: each bar is 100gr.

Sourced from: Ena karo

Care & Notes

Store your soap in a dry place and on a draining soap dish and use it within one
year of purchase.
Happy bathing !