Tsikoudia Vassilakis Estate 700ml 40% vol

Savour it slowly !


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Tsikoudia is a crystal clear grape spirit, traditionally produced by each Cretan family for personal consumption and visitor hospitality. Offered as an after dinner digestif or as a complimentary aperitif. Historical scholars trace tsikoudia back to the ancient Minoans. Vassilakis Estate tsikoudia has been produced in their family for four generations. It’s strong (40% vol), so savour it slowly with food or mezes, or risk getting legless! It can be flavored using lemon rind, rosemary, or honey (rakomelo). Better served cold from a bottle kept in a freezer.

Made in: Crete Greece
Made of: Distilled grape spirit
Weight: 700 ml bottle

Sourced from: Vassilakis Estate